Agenda and minutes

Goldthorpe Town Deal Board - Thursday 15 July 2021 2.00 pm

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Contact: Elizabeth Steel / Jess Whiting 

No. Item



Speaker: Chair


Jennefer Holmes (Sheffield City Region), Allen Joyce, Rachel Allington, Jeremy Budd, Justin Homer, Sophie Moore



Minutes from the Previous Meeting

Speaker: Chair


No matters arising.

Signed as a true record. Proposed by Cllr Neil Danforth, seconded by Pauline Phillips



Declaration of Interest

Speaker: All


·         Michael Bunting - Railway Embankment

·         Claire Dawson - Railway Embankment

·         Pauline Phillips - Railway Embankment

·         Cllr May Noble - Dearne Playhouse

·         Andy Lock - Project C



Town Plan Update

Speaker: Paul Clifford


The project confirmation sheets and monitoring and evaluation sheets were submitted to MHCLG on 16th June. No additional queries were raised. We are awaiting an official grant letter building on the heads of terms. In the meantime, we are continuing to develop business cases to release some funding.


It was raised at previous board meetings that we would review the board. Therefore, we have taken the Towns Fund team’s offer to bring in an expert. We met with Kate Willard, the Area chair for the Arts Council, and have since had a proposal back. This proposal was shown to the board.


The review is to explore how the current board is functioning, and to look at opportunities for potential improvements. We need to understand the skills and expertise that already exist within the board. The suggestion is to create a short questionnaire for board members to complete to highlight current skills in the group.


We also need to ensure that the board is representative of local community and interests. There is an opportunity to explore the membership and to understand any gaps, addressing these if required.


Two options were put to the board for a decision:

1.       Dedicated a standalone session for board members to attend and work through the evaluation process.

2.       Work through the evaluation process as part of a main board meeting.


As the evaluation process will require a lot of time, the recommendation put to the board was Option 1.

The board felt it was timely to review memberships. While other gaps may come to light in the review, the most obvious raised by the board is the lack of young representatives. 


The Board agreed with the Option 1 approach to the evaluation process. A date will be scheduled for the standalone session.


·         Action: Paul to organise and schedule a date for the board evaluation session


Accelerated Project Update pdf icon PDF 5 MB

Speaker: Sophie Moore


Horse & Groom: Procurement to secure a contractor for demolition goes live on Friday. The demolition needs planning permission, so this process has started. An additional board may be brought forward in August to discuss the date, but we are looking at October to commence demolition.


Discussion around consultation was good at the last board. The consultation has now been finalised in relation to this and will go live on Monday 19th July for 6 weeks. A paper-based questionnaire will be put in Goldthorpe Library, and the digital version will be available on social media. Engagement will also be done at the Phoenix Park event which will be discussed later in the meeting.


It was raised that works should start as soon as demolition has happened to show that works are happening, and to keep momentum. The board were informed that a temporary space will be put on the site, but funding is to be spent by a certain time so the site will be developed as soon as possible.


The consultation about the site was shown to the board and will be distributed with the minutes of the meeting.


Action: To discuss TIP with the purchaser of the former school site – Paul and Matthew


TIP Project Development: Project Deep Dive - Phoenix Park

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel (BMBC) / Alan Carter (The Land Trust)


A presentation was shown to the board regarding the Phoenix Park project from The Land Trust.


The Land Trust are a charity who take ownership of and manage public open spaces such as nature reserves, country parks and woodlands for the benefit of the community.


Phoenix park has had accelerated funding to upgrade the footpath into a multi-user route. With help from The Land Trust and The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), the project was delivered on time. The next step is to build on the increased use and linkages thanks to the new routes.


The intention is to work on increasing the number of visitors, to develop and expand the car park, and to provide a courtyard with facilities such as toilets and cycle storage. Hopefully this offer can then be expanded in the future, with a possibility of providing learning opportunities and other facilities.


Work ongoing:

·         An approach has been made to planning to discuss planning requirements;

·         There will be the opportunity to have the project sponsor on board soon;

·         There is the potential to get youth council involved in the project;

·         The July Summer Fun Day will give TCV the opportunity to consult with people, but wider consultation will be done when the business case is completed.


Next Steps:

To continue with discussions and consultation, complete the business case, prepare the planning application, and continue to plan for more.

Cllr Coates suggested taking the consultation to schools and youth groups around the Dearne to include a wide range of young people in the developments.


Path improvement was raised, which is being looked into.


This project will enable Phoenix Park to look at further investment and further projects going forward.




Speaker: Mike Cotton


A leaflet design was shown to the board which will show a summary of what the Towns Fund is and what it will do for Goldthorpe and the Dearne, including a brief summary of each project and the themes. There are also details about the accelerated projects and the Horse & Groom site.


The leaflet will be distributed at the Phoenix Park Fun Day at the end of the month (28th July), and includes the website to direct people for further information. A banner and poster design was also shown to the board which will be printed for the event but can be used in the future. The poster can be updated as things develop.


There is the opportunity to direct people to the consultation at the event. The case studies for accelerated funding will be released shortly after the consultation is launched. A news release will follow this a week after.


It was suggested to put together a narrative of each of the main projects for those attending the event to ensure staff and board have the same information to relay to the community. Another suggestion was that as the projects develop, branding could be developed to reflect the future of Goldthorpe.


A recommendation was to align the consultations under one, consistent branding so that participants know they are all under the Towns Fund project. A discussion will be held as part of a sub-group with some board members to discuss branding, vision, alignment and resources.


·         Action: Paul to organise sub-group to discuss branding, vision, alignment and resources.



Government Updates

Speaker: Justin Homer


No update


Sheffield City Region Updates

Speaker: Jennefer Holmes


No update


Project Governance

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


We are progressing the business cases but are keen to look at bringing highlight reports to show current progress. Eight individual highlight reports have been created, but we are looking at an overall document which will be circulated at the next board meeting.


Issues, Risks and Decisions

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


Nothing to report.


Forward Plan

Speaker: Elizabeth Steel


Next month, the deep dive will be about the High Street Project with Principal Towns (Fiona and Teresa). Alison will discuss the housing masterplan and consultation at the next board.


·         Action: Elizabeth / Jess to invite Teresa and Fiona from Principal Towns, and Alison from Housing to the next board meeting.


AOB: Community Safety Funding recently secured for the Dearne

Speaker: Paul Brannan / Mark Giles (BMBC)


Barnsley’s Crime Reduction Officer worked with colleagues in Rotherham and Doncaster to develop an application to the Safer Streets Fund. This was successful and funding is to be provided for the Dearne, incorporating parts of Rotherham and Doncaster.


The funding is to be spent only on the plan that was developed. A £106K funding allocation is to be spent on additional public space CCTV in specific areas to be monitored by police CCTV room in Doncaster. Money is also to be assigned to additional property marking, and on engagement within the community to gain ideas for other projects.


The funding is to be spend by March 2022, but the CCTV project is planned for before the winter. A map showing the suggested CCTV areas around the Dearne was shown to the board.


John Healey expressed thanks to the officer involved in the application for working on the funding bid.


It was raised that the pre-existing CCTV can be re-located, discussions which can be held at future board meetings.


Any Other Business pdf icon PDF 314 KB

Speaker: All


Michael raised that he had been in talks with officers in Traffic Management regarding speeding. He met with an officer and visited Thurnscoe Road regarding the reinstallation of a speed camera to slow the speed of traffic. He also visited the area outside Carrfield School and was informed that 20mph signs were to be introduced. They visited Doncaster Rd to view the existing 20mph signs there and discussed the potential of a new crossing due to traffic from the A635. A suggestion for a speed info sign was given at the meeting. Criteria for some of the above mentioned does limit what can be done in terms of speed reduction measures on some roads. Further discussions will be held.


Elizabeth is taking retirement so this will be her last board meeting. The Board thanked Elizabeth for her contributions, support and guidance with the Town Fund projects.


Meetings from January 2022 will be on a six-weekly cycle. Invites to go out to show the dates up to February 2023.


Summary of Actions:

·         Paul to organise and schedule a date for the board evaluation session

·         Paul & Matthew to discuss TIP with the purchaser of the former school site

·         Paul to organise sub-group to discuss branding, vision, alignment and resources.

·         Elizabeth / Jess to invite Teresa and Fiona from Principal Towns, and Alison from Housing to the next board meeting.


A glossary of terms and abbreviations is attached to the minutes, as well as any relevant documentation.


The next Meeting is Thursday 19th August at 2pm on Teams.