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I have deep-rooted connections to our community, having lived in Goldthorpe for 18 years and Bolton upon Dearne for 5 years. My dedication to local development and communal welfare is evident through my 16 years of managing the Dearne and District Football Club, a cornerstone of community engagement and activity.


Qualifications: Over the past 20 years, I have amassed extensive experience in transformative business activities, specializing in process improvement, team restructuring, and the implementation of new operational models.


Relevant Skillset:

- In-depth understanding of both private and public sectors, critical for the multifaceted approach required by the Towns Fund initiatives.

- Proficient in stakeholder management, a key skill for fostering collaboration between the board, community, and other relevant parties.

- Aptitude for designing, transitioning, and ensuring the continuity of new services, necessary for the Towns Fund Board's objectives.


My longstanding residence and active engagement in local community activities have given me unique insights into the area's needs and potential. I am eager to bring this perspective to the Towns Fund Board, contributing not only my professional skills but also my local knowledge and commitment to our community’s growth and well-being