Meeting attendance

Thursday 6 June 2024 2.00 pm, Health and Wellbeing Board

Venue:   Reception Room - Barnsley Town Hall

Contact:    Andrew Shirt
Council Governance Officer

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Councillor Wendy Cain Chair Expected
Councillor Trevor Cave Committee Member Expected
Councillor Jo Newing Committee Member Expected
Wendy Lowder (Barnsley Council) Officer Expected
Carly Speechley (Barnsley Council) Officer Expected
Anna Hartley (Barnsley Council) Officer Expected
Kathy McArdle (Barnsley Council) Officer Expected
Amanda Garrard (Berneslai Homes) Officer Expected
Adrian England (HealthWatch Barnsley and MHLDA&A Partnership) Public Expected
Jamie Wike (NHS South Yorkshire ICB) Public Expected
Bob Kirton (Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust) Public Expected
Simon Wanless (South Yorkshire Police) Public Expected
Dawn Lawson (South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) Public Expected
Michael Hirst (Barnsley Premier Leisure) Public Expected
Wendy Lowder (NHS South Yorkshire ICB) Public Expected
Denise Pozorski (Barnsley Community & Volunteering Service) Public Expected