Officer decisions

The Council's decision-making arrangements allow for more routine decisions to be taken by officers, the paid professional employees of the Council. Records of these decisions are published on the website, subject to the requirements of Government Regulations. You will find details of officer decision-making powers in the Constitution

Use the below search options at the bottom of the page to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by council officers.

Alternatively you can visit the decisions by Cabinet, committees, etc page for information on decisions that have been taken by the council’s decision making bodies.

Officer decisions
Title Date
Specialist Supported Living for People with Autism (ODD/098/2021) 13/05/2021
2 Year Extension of contract with Together Housing Assc Ltd (ODD/092/2021) 10/05/2021
Customer, Information & Digital Services Mandatory Training Courses (ODD/090/2021) 04/05/2021
Infinis Borehole Logging Exercise (ODD/096/2021) 28/04/2021
Goldthorpe Energy Strategy Support (ODD/097/2021) 28/04/2021
Smart Working Workspace Procurement (ODD/094/2021) 26/04/2021
Immediate Home Support Service (ODD/091/2021) 01/03/2021