Executive post

Cabinet Spokesperson Core Services


Responsible for issues relating to:

·         Audit and Risk Management

·         Payroll Debtors Creditors

·         Benefits and Taxation

·         Financial Management/Advice and Technical Finance

·         Strategic Commissioning, Procurement and Contracting

·         Strategic Assets Management (all land and property assets)

·         Mail and Printing

·         Facilities Management – NPS Contract

·         Human Resources Business Advisory Service, including Schools and Traded Services

·         Pay, Reward, Organisational Management and Talent Management

·         Policy, Research and Business Intelligence

·         Disclosure and Barring Service

·         Employee Wellbeing/Occupational Health Unit

·         Health, Safety and Emergency Resilience

·         Organisational Development, Policy and Performance

·         Performance Management Organisational and Workforce/Member Development

·         Change Management and Business Improvement

·         Support for Overview and Scrutiny

·         Communications, Marketing and Graphics

Post is held by