Issue - decisions

Vehicle Replacement Strategy

27/08/2019 - Vehicle Replacement Strategy (Cab.21.8.2019/7)



i)     that authorisation be given to the replacement in 2019/20, of up to £5.785m (to include the incremental cost of ULEVs as referred to at 2.2) worth of vehicles and plants by way of purchase followed by a sale and lease back arrangement as outlined in section 4.6;


ii)    that support be given to the upgrading of 25% (circa 38) of the petrol and diesel vehicles highlighted for replacement in this report to ULEVs at an additional estimated expense of £250,000 (included in the total amount stated in 2.1);


iii)   that the support of procurement of at least 30 electric charging points at a cost of £100,000 is supported and be funded from the capital contingency budget. This will give the council the ability to start to introduce electrical vehicles into its fleet, as referred to at section 3.4;


iv)   that support be given to take into account the health benefits of lower and Zero carbon emissions vehicles to local communities at the procurement stage by assigning a value to the carbon emissions in line with the governments carbon valuation methodology; and


v)    that the continuation of exploring implementation of solar panels and battery storage an Smithies Depot is supported.