Agenda item

Clean and Tidy Team (PAC.09.02.2017/6)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item, noting that a draft specification for a revised Clean and Tidy Team was being developed and would be circulated to Members for comment. 


A business case had been developed for the new service, and the Area Council Manager drew attention to the changes from the current service.  These included, amongst other things, an increased emphasis on sharing skills with community groups; being more proactive in areas where fly tipping and dog fouling was prevalent; and a greater focus on educational engagement with young people.  Members were supportive and were happy to endorse proposals.


With regards to the existing Clean and Tidy Team contract, Members were reminded that the contact was likely to be underspent.  It was therefore suggested that, if possible, this be used to extend the contract.



(i)     That the update on the clean and tidy commission, be noted;

(ii)    That up to £100,000 per annum be approved for a Clean and Tidy Team, initially for a year with an option to extend for a further year;

(iii)  That approval be given for the Executive Director, Communities, following consultation with the Chair of the Area Council and the Area Council Manager, to approve all necessary documentation in order to ensure timely procurement;

(iv)  That approval be given to utilise any underspend of the current Clean and Tidy Contract to briefly extend the service.

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