Agenda item

Performance Report (PAC.09.02.2017/5)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager.  Members were made aware that there had only been minor updates to the previously submitted report, as no monitoring had yet taken place for the current quarter.


With regards to the Clean and Tidy Team, it was noted that one operative had left the team in November.  However, some of the capacity of the team had been restored though the engagement of an agency worker.  This had left an amount of underspend within the contract.


Members noted that the apprentices employed through the contract had completed their training in health and safety and to use chainsaws.  Attention was drawn to the case studies supplied, which Members thought impressive.


With regards to the contract with DIAL to provide the Penistone Advice Drop-In service, Members commented on the high figures for the return on investment.  It was suggested that a breakdown of these figures be sought from DIAL in order to explain why the figures were so high.


Feedback was provided on the Young People into Radio project, noting that Radio Sheffield was now engaged, and willing to provide further experience to students. Penistone Grammar School was also engaged with the station as part of its enrichment activities. It was noted that the community radio licence would next be reviewed in 2019, but the station was considering the situation post this date very carefully.


It was acknowledged that future reports would include further information on the performance of initiatives funded through the Working Together Fund.


RESOLVED that the report be received.

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