Agenda item

Members Charter - Lesley Glanville


Lesley Glanville, Member Development Officer, was welcomed to the meeting to deliver a presentation about the Members Charter following a recent workshop.  It was highlighted that the Member Development Charter is due to be renewed shortly and evidence is being collected and a portfolio developed for the assessment.  Much of the work done in area councils is relevant for meeting the requirements of the charter – indeed, there is a possibility of applying for ‘Charter Plus’.  A discussion took place around potentially offering training to Ward Alliance Members and other interested parties as the Ward Alliances already work closely with the Area Councils on community projects;  the use of video diaries and ‘storyboards’ with examples of recent projects;  and articles in the Community Magazine, all of which  could be used as evidence of shared learning.  Ward Alliance minutes can be obtained from the Ward Alliance secretaries. 




(i)    that Members give thought as to how projects undertaken jointly with Ward Alliances could be used as evidence for the Member Development Charter, and


(ii)  Lesley be thanked for her attendance and contribution.