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External Audit - Technical Update incorporating the External Audit Progress Report


The Committee will receive the External Audit Technical Update which incorporates the External Audit Progress Report for January 2017.


The Committee received the External Audit progress report and technical update giving a high level overview of progress in the delivery of the External Auditor’s responsibilities.


The planning for 2016/176 had already started and the audit plan would be submitted to the March meeting.  The interim audit visit was scheduled for March and the review of the draft financial statements would commence in July.


As previously reported, the audit of the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit Claim had been completed as had those which fell outside the PSAA regime, namely:


·         The Teacher’s Pension Agency Return; and

·         The Pooling of Housing Capital receipts


In relation to KPMG resources details of the first edition of the @gov digital magazine were outlined which focused on Transforming government in the age of technology.  In addition, a series of local government accounts workshops were to be run again for key members of the finance team and would focus on the 2016/17 closedown and the statement of accounts.


Details of the Technical Developments including the likely level of impact were outlined particularly in relation to:


·         PSSA Value for Money Profiles tool

·         Local Government Licensing fees – following a referral from the Supreme Court of the UK in relation to the lawfulness of licensing fees in a case involving Westminster City Council with regard to the grant or renewal of a sex establishment licence

·         CIPFA publication – Understanding Local Authority Financial Statements

·         National Audit Office activities

o   The publication of a report entitled – Children in need of help or protection

o   A speech made at the Institute for Government on the need for greater prioritisation in governments and the case for recognising and addressing the skills gap in the civil service particularly in digital skills



An appendix to the Report gave details of the 2016/17 deliverables together with the timing and status of those deliverables.


RESOLVED that the External Audit progress report, resources and technical update be noted.

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