Agenda item

Area Council Priorities 2017/18 (PAC.08.12.2016/6)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item, referring to the Members Briefings held on the 17th and 24th November, to discuss the priorities for the area.


As part of the review of priorities, Members considered the considered the finance allocated in relation to the current priorities, and noted was the discussion about data pertaining to the area at the briefing sessions.   It was agreed that the revised priorities be endorsed.


Members considered the second part of the report, which referred to the finance attributed to each of the priority areas.  With regards to the Environment it was suggested that Members explore the potential to invest in additional enforcement in the area, and it was agreed to hold a Members Briefing to discuss this in more detail. 


The meeting discussed the amount of dog fouling in the area, noting the inherent difficulties in catching offenders due to the times people walk their dogs, and that this was often in more remote areas.  It was suggested that any activity such as enforcement could be complemented by communication and engagement activities, similar to the current borough wide campaign on fly-tipping.


With regards to the Working Together Fund, members noted the amount of finance to be carried forward to 2017/18.  Members also noted that the Clean and Tidy contract would come to an end at the end of April, 2017.


The meeting also noted the work ongoing with BBIC to consider potential projects to support the local economy and tourism.



(i)        That the following be agreed as priorities for Penistone Area Council in 2017/18:- Environment; The Local Economy Including Tourism; Helping People to Connect Better; Supporting Young People; and Health and Wellbeing;

(ii)       That the discussions at the Members Briefings regarding future commissioning be noted; and

(iii)      That a Members Briefing is held to discuss environmental enforcement in more detail.


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