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Recommendations from the meeting of North Area Councillors on 21st November, 2016 (Nac.01.12.2016/2)


The Area Council received the notes of the meeting of North Area Councillors on 21st November, 2016, as appended.


In relation to the Opportunities for Young People project, it was noted that the closing date for tender submissions had now passed.  Councillor Lofts expressed a desire to be involved in the priority working group related to this area.


In discussing the Community Magazine, it was noted that there had been a meeting arranged to discuss the first proof of the magazine.  This was to take place on 12th December, 2016 at 11.30am at the Darton Centre.


The meeting discussed the Stronger Communities Grant, and it was agreed that Councillors Leech, Howard, Charlesworth and Lofts act as ward representatives on the grant panel.


Members noted the previous discussion with regards to the Business Survey Project proposal. It was suggested that this work could provide a useful starting point for discussions with traders on high streets within each ward about potential improvements to their area.


With regards to the financial position previously discussed, members were reminded of the proposed reduction of £40,000 for 2017/18 and the corresponding impact.  It was suggested that a future meeting of the Area Council discusses whether to devolve any further finance to the Ward Alliance Funds in the area.



(i)        That the minutes of the North Area Council meeting held on 19th September, 2016 be approved as a true and correct record;

(ii)       That the report relating to opportunities for young people be noted;

(iii)      That the report on the Community Magazine be noted;

(iv)     That approval be given to run a Stronger Communities Grant in 2017/18 with a total allocation of £100,000;

(v)       That the remainder of the 2016/17 Stronger Communities Grant finance be added to that for the 2017/18 year;

(vi)     That, subject to the addition of information about the moderation stage of scoring applications, the Stronger Communities Grant guidance information circulated at the meeting 21st November, 2016 be approved;

(vii)    That Councillors Charlesworth, Howard, Leech and Lofts represent their respective wards on the Stronger Communities Grant Panel;

(viii)   That approval be given to work in partnership with BBIC to provide small business surgeries, peer support, and networking, with up to £5,000 allocated towards advertising and promotion;

(ix)     That the financial position for the Area Council, including forecast reductions in the 2017/18 budget be noted;

(x)       That Andrea Hoyland and Liz Pitt be invited to a future meeting of the Area Council to discuss the Anti-Poverty priority, including child poverty in the Area;

(xi)     That consideration be given to holding a workshop to consider the clean and green priority in the longer term;

(xii)    That the report on the Ward Alliance Fund be noted;

(xiii)   That the notes of the Ward Alliances in the North Area held in July, August, September and October be noted

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