Agenda item

Volunteer Car Scheme (PAC.06.10.2016/8)


The meeting welcomed Steve Cresswell from South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive (SYPTE) to the meeting.  Members were provided with feedback from recent discussions on a volunteer car scheme for the area.  Such a scheme was seen to be a useful resource in addition to the bus network, and would help to bridge any gaps following any withdrawal of services in rural areas.


Discussions had taken place with Sheffield Community Transport, Barnsley Dial A Ride, and Yorkshire Ambulance Service to create a pool of multi-skilled drivers who could volunteer for any driving service. However, it was suggested that there wasn’t sufficient appetite to progress this currently.


The meeting noted proposals to work with Sheffield Community Transport to utilise their current resources to book journeys, but an appropriate pool of volunteer drivers was required in the area. 


The proposal suggested applying for grant finance to al campaign in order to recruit volunteer drivers and promote the service.  It was stress that local intelligence was important for any campaign to be successful.


A number of potential external funding sources were suggested including the Working Together Fund, and enquiries would be made as to whether there would be funds available through SYPTE. 


Links to the commission to reduce isolation and loneliness in older people were noted, and it was suggested that the organisation with the successful tender had a key role in promoting the scheme.


RESOLVED that discussions continue between the Area Team, Elected Members, SYPTE, and Sheffield Community Transport to progress the development of a Community Car Scheme.