Agenda item

Procurement and financial update (PAC.06.10.2016/6)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager.  Members were provided an update in relation to the service for Isolated and Vulnerable Older People.  It was noted that the commission was now on YorTender with returns due by the 17th October, 2016.  It was hoped that the contract would start 1st January, 2017.


Members discussed the Working Together Fund, acknowledging that this had started slowly but interest in the fund had grown as it has been promoted.  A budget of £78,033 remained, however a number of applications were currently in development.


The report provided details on the Clean and Tidy Team Service, and the meeting noted that an annual review would be completed at the end of November, 2016.


The meeting considered the financial profile of the Area Council, with £33,719 remaining for allocation in 2016/17.  Members considered a number of ideas being put forward, including the commissioning of an Environmental Enforcement Service, further devolving finance to the Ward Alliance Fund, and recommissioning the Community Magazine for a further year. 


It was suggested that Members may wish to review data and local intelligence for the area, the performance of currently funded projects, and discuss whether the existing priorities remained valid.  It was agreed that a workshop be organised for this to be undertaken.



(i)        that the update on commissioned projects be noted;

(ii)       that the proposed way forward to organise a workshop for Members to reconsider the needs of the area, and potential future commissions be approved; and

(iii)      the current financial position of the Area Council commissioning budget be noted

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