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Performance Report (PAC.06.10.2016/5)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item, reminding Members that Part A provided an overview of the impact of all commissions against the Council’s Corporate Priorities, and those of the Area Council.


Members noted that 3.5 full-time equivalent jobs had been created, 14 young people had been engaged in volunteering, 37 community groups had been supported, and 88 residents had received advice and support, 7 of which had been referred to receive health advice.


Part B of the project provided feedback on each of the commissions funded by the Area Council.


A contract meeting had been held to discuss the performance Clean and Tidy commission on the 22nd September, 2016, and it was noted that the team now had an apprentice in place.  The apprentice had started their training, which was hoped could be cascaded to community groups.


With regards to the targets set, a number had been exceeded including for proactive and reactive clean and tidy activities.  It was thought that this could be attributable to an increase in awareness of the service.  However there were a number of areas where targets had not been met, though progress had been made.  This had contributed in an ‘amber’ rating being given for performance overall. 


Members heard how the service was working alongside the Area Team on ‘love your street’ schemes, which would deliver against a number of areas within the contract.


Members remarked how they were asked to be kept informed when activities with groups would be taking place, but this information had not been forthcoming.  It was agreed that the Area Council Manager would remind the Clean and Tidy team of the request.


The meeting went on to consider the performance of the DIAL outreach project, which continued to perform well. Between 3 and 5 people were attending each session, and to date £41,318 in previously unclaimed benefit had now been claimed, £38 for each £1 invested in the project.  Members heard how the sessions were busy, but all clients had been seen.


Members noted that the drop in session had questioned clients about their access to the internet and their confidence in using it to manage their affairs.  The outcome of which suggested that there was a barrier with accessing services using the internet.


Members noted that DIAL sessions were due to come to an end on 31st December, 2016. It was agreed that the Area Council Manager considers how this may be extended, at first until 31st March, 2017 to allow Members to discuss the provision of advice in the area in the interim.


The meeting heard how the project with Penistone FM had commenced on 1st September, 2016 and a part-time training coordinator, and a part time training support and admin officer had been appointed.  Members heard how the project was working with the Youth Service to recruit young people and  that Penistone FM was now an accredited NCFE centre.



(i)        that the progress of the Penistone Area Council commissions, service and projects; and

(ii)       that the Area Council Manager considers how best to extend advice provision in the area.

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