Agenda item

Commissioning and Procurement Update including Financial Position and Project Performance Update


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, who provided the Area Council with a financial position and forecast for expenditure.  It was highlighted that £53,997 remains unallocated.  The financial implications of the Opportunities for Young People:  Positive Progressions – Stronger Futures pilot together with the funding considerations required for a project that would build on the Small Business Survey results were reported.  If the Environmental Enforcement project for 2017/18 and the Positive Progressions project both go ahead the Area Council will have committed £80,000 of the 2017/18 allocation.  As yet there is no clear indication regarding future budget allocations post 2016/17 so for the foreseeable future contracts will be let on a year by year basis with break clauses.


A discussion took place regarding whose responsibility it is to clean graffiti from bus shelters and boxes.  A member asked if the Clean and Green Team could do this but it was felt that this is not sustainable and that it needs to be established if it should be SYPTE.  If the graffiti is of an obscene or prejudicial nature this should be reported to SYPTE for speedy removal.





(i)         The Area Council note the existing budget position and give consideration to how the funding is utilised to meet the needs of the North Area;


(ii)        Members consider which priorities they wish to concentrate on for the design and procurement of further commissioned projects which will address the Area priorities.





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