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Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.30.11.2023/6)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the item providing members with a highlight of each commissioned contract.


The Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older People’s Service was into the second year of its contract which was due to end in June 2024. 


The Working Together Grant Fund was funding the Citizens Advice Bureau contract and DIAL Services as the adult singing workshops were due to end in January 2024.  A total of £37,052 was remaining in the grant fund pot which would be used to support the priority around food and cost of living crisis.  


The Working Together – Supporting Young people Grant Fund had approved five projects following round 3 grant panels held in September and October 2023.  The five new projects included:


·         Ad Astra – Listening support for young people in Penistone Grammar School

·         Angel Voices – singing workshops

·         Cawthorne Junior Cricket Club – Young people’s development programme

·         Thurgoland Thespians – expansion programme

·         Walking with Goats – young people’s wellbeing programme


The total cost of the five projects was £37,337.83 leaving a remaining balance of £2,662.17 unallocated within the pot.


An update was provided with regards to the progress of the new Clean, Green and Tidy Contract.  Members were informed that progress was being made and Service 1, which would be a directed service with no volunteers, would be on Yortender on the 4th December with a deadline of 3rd January for applications.  A Panel would be held in January and the new service would commence in early February 2024.  Service 2, which will be to support volunteers and community groups , was being developed as a grant funded service.  This would be advertised in December 2023 with a Grant Panel to be convened in January 2024 for the service to also commence in February 2024. 


Members were concerned around there being four months with no service.  They were informed that whilst this was not ideal, the area team has been providing support and advice with any incoming requests and some groups had been funding specific jobs from their own budgets and would be able to continue to do that until the new services were in place.


Members were provided with an overview of the 2023/24 budget.  It was noted that the remaining balance in the financial year was £37,216.




(i)         that the update of the contract funded by the new Supporting Isolated Older People Grant Fund be noted;


(ii)        that the current financial position of the Penistone Working Together Fund be received and noted;


(iii)       that the Supporting Young People ringfenced funds within the existing Working Together Grant Fund be received and noted and that the take up of round 3 grants for this financial year be noted;


(iv)       that the conclusion of the Clean Green and Tidy Contract which started in April 2020 and concluded at the end of September 2023 be noted;


(v)        that the updates on the procurement process for new contracts to support Penistone Area Council’s environment priority be received;


(vi)       that the current financial position of the Penistone Ward Alliance be noted; and


(vii)      that the record of allocated and proposed spend and current budget position for 2023/24 be noted.


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