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Draft Housing Strategy Consultation - Alison Dalton (HWBB.09.11.23/8)


Alison Dalton, Group Leader Strategic Housing, BMBC, delivered a presentation to provide Members with an update on the public consultation which was currently taking place on the draft Barnsley Housing Strategy for 2024-2028, together with an overview of the key pillars of success which were included within the draft Strategy.


The following key points were noted:


·       A public consultation survey on the draft Housing Strategy had been launched on 16 October and would close on 13 November 2023.

·       A full communications campaign had been undertaken, which included both online and in-person stakeholder events with a number of key partners.

·       To date, 85 responses had been received to the public consultation survey.

·       Top themes arising from responses were in relation to amenities around new housing estates, preserving greenspace and maximising the use of existing housing stock.

·       The final version of the Strategy would be presented at BMBC’s Cabinet meeting on 10 January 2024.

·       The draft Strategy included four key pillars of success which would allow the Council to focus and guide its collective efforts over the next four years.  An overview of each of the four key pillars included within the draft Strategy was presented and noted by the Board.


The Chair commented that housing was a very important issue, which impacted upon Barnsley residents’ health and wellbeing.  Board Members were asked to respond to the consultation survey and share the online survey link within their networks - available at


The Board asked if the Council had any powers to maximise existing housing stock within the borough.  In response, it was explained that there were different approaches which could be undertaken by the Council with regards to existing housing stock and those owned by private sector landlords.  In addition, discussions were taking place with planning colleagues to ensure that future council new build housing in the borough was delivered to the Barnsley Low Carbon new build specification.


RESOLVED that Members noted the presentation.

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