Agenda item

Cold Weather Plan - Julie Tolhurst (HWBB.09.11.23/6)


Julie Tolhurst, Public Health Principal, BMBC, presented a report and accompanying presentation to provide the Board with an update on Barnsley’s Cold Weather Plan for 2023/24.


The following key points were noted:


·       The 2023/24 Cold Weather Plan outlined the strategic objectives to reduce cold-related harm, winter mortality and reduce health inequalities.

·       The Plan had been produced collaborativelywith partners and aligned to the Barnsley 2030 outcomes, Barnsley Place-Based Partnership’s Tackling Health Inequalities in Barnsley and the Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

·       Working with key partners, the Plan emphasised the need for early intervention and prevention to focus efforts in working alongside residents most at risk of their health and wellbeing affected during the winter.

·       The 2023/24 Plan would contribute to tackling the cost-of-living crisis residents face, driven by rising energy costs.

·       Winter mortality represents an important health inequality, together with those in greater socioeconomic deprivation were more likely to be affected.

·       The Barnsley Cold Weather Plan outlined several priorities, with key collaborative actions listed under each section, including:

-       Falls and frailty.

-       Health conditions made worse by the cold.

-       Housing.

-       Seasonal flu and COVID-19 vaccination uptake amongst priority groups.

-       Marketing and communication.

·       A marketing and communications campaign entitled ‘Keeping Warm and Well’ would be launched to empower residents to self-care and stay warm and well throughout winter.  The campaign would also include details how residents could access resources from More Money in Your Pocket.

·       A webpage had also been added to the Council’s website detailing winter support available across the borough.

·       A toolkit training resources package would be launched on 27 November 2023.

·       The Team would also be promoting at key community events, including Fuel Poverty Awareness Day and at Area Council events.


The Board noted that an evaluation exercise would be undertaken to assess the progress achieved in response to the priorities set out in the Barnsley Cold Weather Plan.  It was agreed that details of the evaluation would be included in a future report to the Board.


The Board agreed to endorse the next phase of delivery, aligned to the UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA) Adverse Weather and Health Plan.


RESOLVED that Members:-


i)           Noted the contents of the 2023-2024 Plan and recognised the work delivered to date to address winter mortality and cold related ill health in Barnsley.


ii)          Agreed to raise awareness of current guidance and support locally to address cold related ill health this winter and beyond.


iii)         Agreed to support a review of the Plan going forward into 2024, aligned to the UKHSA Adverse Weather and Health Plan.

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