Agenda item

Ward Alliance Fund Grant Performance Monitoring Report from the last Financial Year (Nac.11.13.2023/10)


A report was presented which provided an update on the Ward Alliance Fund monitoring for the year 2022/23.


The Area Manager expressed her thanks to L Swift and R Battye for chasing the monitoring information, and to K Ashworth for the work undertaken in preparing the performance reports for each of the Ward Alliances.  Members were requested to present the reports within their respective Ward Alliances.


Councillor T. Cave also expressed his thanks for the performance reports which were interesting to observe the differences between each Ward Alliance.  He queried whether it would be possible for the monitoring information for the Ward Alliances to be included as part of the review.


It was noted that difficulties were encountered in receiving the monitoring information from the community groups.  The Area Manager referred to instances where she would delay the timing of an application until their final monitoring report was received.  Members supported the Area Manager in this action.


Councillor Tattersall gave thanks for the performance reports.  She requested that Members be informed when future performance reports would be compiled and for Members to be provided with an email address to enable photographs to be submitted for inclusion into the reports.


Councillor Leech expressed his thanks for the excellent report presented.


RESOLVED that each Ward in the North Area Council referred to the monitoring information for the Ward Alliance Fund in their own area and took the time to reflect on which projects had worked well, enabling them to share best practice.

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