Agenda item

Priorities, Commissioning and Overview Report (Nac.11.13.2023/8)


A report was presented which provided Members with a financial position and forecast for expenditure based on the projects that had been proposed.  The report also highlighted the need to agree a clear plan for commissioning against the priorities.


In relation to the work undertaken on the resilience fund and to enable the review process to commence, the Area Manager discussed with Members, as the decision makers, how they could be better informed to ensure that the grant programme continued.  Ad Astra would welcome one Member of the Working Group at a time to observe the school sessions, and the YMCA had recommended holding a surgery.




(i)        Members noted the progress on the Environmental Community Caretaker Service recruitment.


(ii)       Following the Connecting Communities Grant Review, the panel recommended and the Area Council agreed to a further investment of £75,000 to enable two grant providers to continue provision for a 12 month period, concluding March 2025.  Full details at agenda item 7.


(iii)      To conduct a review of the Youth Resilience Fund required a review to enable a decision on potential project extension to be made at the January Area Council meeting.


(iv)      The North Area Council noted the existing budget position and the existing funding commitments.  Section 4 of the report.

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