Agenda item

Presentation on Summer Provision and Funding (Sac.20.10.2023/4)


·       South Area Team


·       South Area Council Private Sector Housing & Environment Officer


The Area Council Manager introduced the item to update Members on the work of the South Area Team showcasing projects including:


·       UK Shared Prosperity Funding (UKSPF)

·       Housing Support Grant

·       Barnsley Sports Van and Ramp It Up

·       Wombwell Premier Kicks – Safer Streets Funding

·       Summer Programmes

·       Resident Feedback, Outcomes, and Impact


During Member discussion positive feedback was received on officers’ successful applications for external funding.


In discussing the UKSP Funding and specifically the work of the Private Sector Housing Officer that this supported, praise was given for the vulnerable children, families and elderly people assisted through the project. The lack of requirement to complete paperwork, hands on support and level of impact for a relatively small amount of funding were received positively. Members additionally took the opportunity to share their dismay at the impoverished conditions some residents were living in and the level of support that the Council had to offer where other government organisations had not delivered.


During discussion on the utilisation of the Housing Support Grant, Members discussed their keenness to support the work of the Community Fridge in Hoyland and build positive relationships with volunteers for the benefit of the community.


Members praised the summer programmes’ contributions towards building positive relationships with children and young people and reducing anti-social behaviour. Consideration was given to how the different activities offered could be diversified in the future to ensure active participation from all children regardless of gender.


RESOLVED that the presentation be noted.

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