Agenda item

Undergraduate placement (PAC.21.07.2016/9)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager, and followed discussion at the previous meeting.


The proposal was based on providing a work placement, and discussions had taken place with Leeds University to explore the possibility of a student supporting the Area Team between their second and third years at University.  The support and skills this would provide for the team, and therefore the benefits to the area were stressed.  It was also noted that the proposal supported corporate aims and Area Council priorities.


The proposal was for a fixed term contract for 12 months at a cost between £14,975 and £19,427.  A full and frank discussion was had about the proposal.  The positive benefits of supporting young people and providing additional capacity to the Area Team were noted.  However, though the post had been evaluated by Human Resources at Grade 2, it was suggested that the salary offered was high in comparison with other work placement schemes.


Members noted the financial situation of the Council overall, and the reductions forecast over the next few years, with associated expected redundancies.   In light of this, a decision was made not to support the proposal at this time.


RESOLVED that the proposal for an Undergraduate Placement not be supported at this time.

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