Agenda item

Penistone Market Barn 'Check and Challenge' discussion (PAC.21.07.2016/7)


Anne Untisz, Town Centre Services Group Leader, was welcomed to the meeting to present current plans for Penistone Market Barn.


Members were made aware of the recent appointment of Maria Cotton as Business Manager within the Markets Service. Since her joining the organisation work had been underway to develop a number of different markets to be held in Penistone on a Saturday.  These were themed around the following areas: - Vintage and Second Hand; Local Produce; Arts and Crafts; and Young People.


Members were aware of plans to hold key feature events at the Market Barn, noting that a 1940s Vintage Weekend had been arranged for 29th/30th April and 1st May 2017. In addition discussions were being held to make the venue available for other uses such as: - vintage vehicle events; youth sleepovers; tea dances beer festivals; and even weddings.


It was acknowledged that there were a number of issues to address with the venue in order to progress many of the ideas. Ensuring the barn was clean was paramount, and appropriate drinks and performing rights licences were required to be in place. With regards to cleaning, arrangements had already been made to clean the barn and replace any netting required.


Members noted the number of likes on Facebook for the Market Barn had increased from 349 to 610 within a month, and a communication plan was in place to ensure any notices went out prior to events.


The meeting noted work underway to explore the provision of a public address system and Wifi within the barn.  Officers were also investigating signage for the venue, looking at examples from other areas.


Members heard how recruitment and induction packs had been developed for traders.  It was hoped that these would not only outline relevant regulations, but would provide support with issues such as engagement through social media.


Members were encouraged by the plans in place, which were thought to be extremely positive.  A question was asked about any plans for markets to be held on a Sunday and it was noted that this would be a focus in due course.  The possibility of re-establishing a ‘fur and feather’ market was mentioned. It was noted that issues in holding such a market had been discussed with a prospective third party organiser some time ago, but this was as far as anything had progressed.


The meeting discussed the appetite for any change regarding the market, and it was noted that the Community Led Plan for Penistone provided an insight into this subject, having been produced following in-depth consultation with businesses and residents, and opinion was generally positive.


It was noted that the building was often cold, even in sunny weather, and the possibility of enclosing the building was explored.  It was suggested that this would also help reduce any littering and anti-social behaviour on an evening in the area.  Members were made aware of difficulties in altering the building in such a way, as there was a public right of way through the building, and that enclosing the building would increase its rateable value.


The meeting discussed the promotion of the market, and it was suggested that it could be featured on the Facebook page of the Area Team and within the next issue of the Community Magazine.



(i)        That the Town Centre Services Group Leader be thanked for their attendance;

(ii)       That the Area Council supports and publicises events at the Market Barn though social media and through the Community Magazine.