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Children and Family Services Update - Jane Fleming and Rachel Barraclough (Pac.07.09.2023/2)


Jane Fleming, Healthy Child Programme Lead and Health Visitor Practice Teacher, was welcomed to the meeting and provided members with an overview of the 0-19 Public Health Nursing Service in the Penistone Area.


Members were provided with an in-depth update of the 6 Area Teams and the areas of work that they covered.  Members were informed that in the Penistone Locality there were:


·         4,908 children receiving a universal level of service;

·         106 receiving a universal plus level of service;

·         187 children schooling in/living out ; and

·         186 children living in/schooling out children


A detailed overview was provided of the varied work, targeted support, assessments and reviews that the 0-19 Service carried out.  Members also heard of the various partner organisations that were collaborated with in order to provide this service and of the positive relationship the Team had with the local GP surgeries and chemists.


Following some in depth discussion and questioning, members raised concerns around the low staff numbers compared to the number of people requiring the service across the area and questioned whether this was due to budgets or difficulty in recruiting.  In response members were informed that in the past year the Service had trained and retained 8 nurses to become a School Nurse or Health Visitor and they had recruited a further 8 for training this year.  It was also identified that there were some areas with a higher level of deprivation who would require more School Nurses or Health Visitors compared to the Penistone Area.


Positive in roads had been made with Penistone Grammar School and the School Nurse had a Monday lunchtime slot at the school to hold health themed drop in sessions which were well attended. 


Rachel Barraclough, Family Service Manager for Family Services was welcomed to the meeting and provided members with the background to and an update of the proposed family hubs offer for Barnsley and what it would entail.


Members heard that there would be one family hub in each Area Council Area and that Penistone had been chosen as one of those sites with the Penistone Library being the potential chosen venue in the longer term with an interim location being based at the IKIC centre on High Street in Penistone. 


During an in-depth debate members commented that there was very little on offer in Penistone as there seemed to be an assumption that there was little need for such services in the area.  It was positive news about the offer of a family hub in Penistone which was seen as a step up from the current partial service offer in the Area. 


RESOLVED that Jane Fleming and Rachel Barraclough be thanked for their comprehensive presentations and that the updates be noted.

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