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Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.07.09.2023/7)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the item providing members with a highlight of each commissioned contract.


Members attention as drawn to the £37,052 remaining in the Penistone Area Council Working Together Grant Fund.  It was noted that this would be used for the possible food options should they emerge.


Members were informed that the Supporting Young People Fund had received 9 enquiries with only 3 applications being submitted.  If all 3 were to be approved there would still be some money remaining to go back out to encourage further projects to come forward.


Market engagement exercises for 2 services had begun for the Clean Green and Tidy Contract going forward.  Service one would be to carry out specific environmental works and service two would be for a community and environmental support service.  Members were informed of the process and that once the market engagement exercise concludes, the spec would be assessed before it goes out on YOR Tender estimated around the end of September/beginning of October. 


Members raised concerns around the interim period where there would be very little service until the new services were in place.  They also questioned whether the Area Council could purchase litter picking equipment and safety vests in the transition period to provide volunteers with some equipment.  Members acknowledged that this would be difficult to manage and would see if there was a demand for such equipment before putting any approval forward for funding.


Members were provided with an overview of the 2023/24 budget position.  It was noted that a budget of £37,216 remained. 




(i)         that the update of the contract funded by the new Supporting Isolated and Older People Grant Fund be noted;


(ii)        that the update on the current financial position of the Penistone Working Together Fund be received;


(iii)       that the update on the existing Supporting Young People ringfenced funds within the existing Working Together Grant Fund be received and that the update on the progress for the next round of funding be noted;


(iv)       that the updates on the current Green, Clean and Tidy contract started in April 2020 and now in the final extension period to the end of September 2023, be noted;


(v)        that the update in the procurement processes for contracts to support Penistone Area Council’s environmental priority following the completion of the existing Clean and Tidy Contract be received;


(vi)       that the current financial position of the Penistone Ward Alliance be noted; and


(vii)      that the record of allocated and proposed spend and current budget position for 2023/24 be noted.

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