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Quarter 1 Performance Report (Pac.07.09.2023/6)


The Area Council Manager provided members with an overview of the Quarter 1 Performance report dated April to June 2023 and all contracted Services.  Members attention was drawn to the statistics and in particular the decline in new volunteer numbers.  It was acknowledged that the current Clean, Green and Tidy Contract had created many self-sufficient volunteers and the Age UK Contract had maintained trained volunteers, resulting in the new volunteer numbers going forward being lower than previous years.


The Clean, Green and Tidy contract would be coming to an end at the end of September 2023.  They had achieved a number of their targets and had proactively worked with 36 projects.  GXO logistics had provided volunteer support to the Royd Community Garden.  Two schools had been supported which were Hoylandswaine Primary School and Penistone Grammar School who had teamed up with Springvale Community Gardens to create wildlife habitats and general maintenance.  Volunteer numbers had fallen with 53 against a target of 150.  The contract had continued to receive positive feedback.


The Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older People contract were meeting their targets with a high number of people using the information and advice service.  Benefits had seen the most enquiries resulting in an estimated £40,000 of benefits gains.  The Community Car Share Scheme continued to be popular with 2 volunteers providing 127 journeys.  Members were informed that Men in Sheds continued to attract attendees and that they were looking for new permanent premises. 


The Age UK contract remained a success and it had been suggested for them to commence charging for some of the Groups they run in order to become self-sustaining.  It was noted that there was the added value from the centrally run services which also had an impact on the Penistone Area.


The CAB online offer had supported 56 clients against a target of 39.  A range of issues had been dealt with a particular increase in benefit and housing issues due to increase in rent and mortgages.  Members heard how they had returned to face to face appointments in Penistone Library and that the initial uptake would be slow and it was acknowledged that it would take time for people to start using the face to face service.


DIAL were offering face to face appointments, and as a result target numbers were slightly under.  36 residents attended outreach, and there was the added value of the core offer which had seen 78 residents being given telephone advice.


Angel Voices Adult Singing Workshop had settled in Cawthorne Village Hall and was reporting the improvement of health and wellbeing of the people attending.


The Supporting Young People Grant Fund had funded 4 projects including Ad Astra that had seen positive outcomes.  40 students from Penistone Grammar School had successfully completed training and received an accreditation in the Royal Society of Public Health level 2 mentoring qualification.  This had enabled pupils to provide peer support to others within the school.


Angel Voices Young People Workshop had seen some success stories including one pupil who had gone on to take part in a TV Talent Show and they continued to provide a vast variety of performances across the area for different occasions.


Members were informed that the Area Council manager was still awaiting the final performance details from the Girl Guides.


Members were provided with updates as to the work the Area Team had been undertaking in the quarter.


The Food Options consultation event had taken place.  The issues around a suitable venue remained but collaborative work was being undertaken with Good Food Barnsley to network together and make it work. 


Members raised concerns as to the low numbers of adults taking part in the Angel Voices Adult Workshops.  The Area Council Manager agreed to raise these concerns.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.

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