Agenda item

Priorities, Commissioning, Project Development and Finance (Nac.11.09.2023/8)


A report was presented which provided an aggregate picture of how all the North Council contracted services contributed to the achievement of each of the North Area Council’s agreed outcomes and social value objectives, which reflected upon the information gathered from each contract for the period April – June 2023.  The report provided a summary of the performance management report for each of the contracted services for 2023/24 Quarter 1 (April – June) 2023.  The report provided a link between the commissioned services and the Public Health Outcomes and a summary of the performance information.


Members were referred to the devolved funding of the Ward Alliances.

The current Housing and Cohesion Officer had commenced in post on 15 May 2023, and he was enjoying the new opportunity.


Councillor Newing raised a query in relation to section 3.2 of the report regarding the Housing and Cohesion Officer (Private Sector Housing).  In response, the Area Manager commented that she would update section 3.2 of the report to indicate there was a 12 month provision.




(i)        Members noted the progress on the Environmental Community Caretaker Service recruitment.


(ii)       Noted the recommendations of the Connecting Communities Grant Review conducted by the Grant Panel and agreed regarding further investment in this grant stream or an alternative project.  Full details agenda item 7.  This required an investment of £75,000 to enable two grant providers to continue provision for a 12month period, concluding March 2025.


(iii)      The Youth Resilience Fund required a review.  It was recommended that this takes place in October 2023 with a decision on the continuation of the grant to be agreed at the January 2024 meeting of the Area Council.


(iv)      The North Area Council noted the existing budget position and the existing the funding commitments.  Section 4 of the report.

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