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Connecting Communities Grant Review Report (Nac.11.09.2023/7)


A report was presented which provided Members with an update on the delivery of the Stronger Communities Grant funded programmes.  The report provided an opportunity to review delivery of the providers and their funded projects, to evaluate whether the providers were delivering good value for money, and to deliver the priority working group’s recommendation as to whether the grant programme should revive further investment from the Area Council.


The Grant Review Workshop had been held on 31 August 2023, where qualitative information had been gathered and a discussion had ensued regarding value for money.  Due to exceeding the available budget, the Area Manager had commented that it would not be possible to continue to commission the whole programme as currently funded by the North Area Council during 2024/25.


The grant panel consisted of the following Members:-


Councillor S Hunt – Darton East

Councillor T Cave – Darton West

Councillor C Pickering – Old Town

Councillor N Wright – St Helen’s


Councillor Tattersall expressed her thanks for an informative report.  She queried whether any information was available following the Sports Van initiative that had been held during the 6 weeks school holiday period, which she hoped would be ran again in 2024.


The Area Manager commented that a number of the sports van sessions had been interrupted due to the inclement weather.  The sessions had to be pre-booked and the ramp up sessions had been very popular.  She would ascertain the demographical information to determine where the attendees resided.


Councillor Newing had observed a couple of the ramp up sessions, which had been well attended.




(i)     The update provided by the Connecting Communities Grant Panel on the discussion that took place at the review workshop on 31 August 2023, as at Sections 7 and 8 of the report be noted.


(ii)    The preferred option to help address social isolation in the community as at Section 8.5.3 of the report be approved with contracts for two of the providers to be extended for a period of 12 months.


(iii)   That a total funding allocation of £75,000 for a period of 12 months, with all services profiled to conclude in March 2025 be agreed.


(iv)   That the responsibility for procuring the grant extension be delegated to the Area Council Manager to progress, with regular updates to the Grant Panel.

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