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Notes from the Area's Ward Alliances (Nac.11.09.2023/10)

Darton East – held on 13 June and 11 July 2023

Darton West – held on 17 July 2023

Old Town – held on 8 June and 13 July 2023

St Helen's – held on 1 June and 13 July 2023


The meeting received the notes from the Darton East Ward Alliance held on 13 June 2023 and 11 July 2023; Darton West Ward Alliance held on 17 July 2023; Old Town Ward Alliance held on 8 June 2023 and 13 July 2023; and St Helen's Ward Alliance held on 1 June 2023 and 13 July 2023.


Councillor Denton referred to the work undertaken by the Darton East Ward Alliance which included the signing off for application funding for the Holiday Hunger Club for £500 at Staincross Methodist Church.  Activities had been delivered for children during the summer school holiday period in Mapplewell Park.  Funding had been achieved for an additional CCTV camera at Mapplewell Park.


Councillor Howard referred to the work undertaken by the Darton West Ward Alliance and she referred to the disappointment experienced by the other Ward Alliances in relation to the installation of the hanging baskets.  A group would shortly be established to consider the Christmas events.


Councillors Pickering and Newing referred to the work undertaken by the Old Town Ward Alliance.  Difficulties had been encountered in recruiting individuals to become members of the Ward Alliance, and work continued to increase the membership.  It was envisaged to relocate the meetings from the Town Hall to Honeywell Sports Centre.


Councillor Tattersall referred to the work undertaken by the St Helen’s Ward Alliance.  She expressed her thanks to all the community groups that had come forward with bids.  Work was underway on the Ward Plan for delivery in 2023 and 2024.  Discussions were underway in relation to the Halloween and Christmas events.  It was necessary to appoint new members onto the Ward Alliance, with the potential to use the St Helen’s Gala as an opportunity for recruitment.


RESOLVED that the notes of the respective Ward Alliances be noted.

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