Agenda item

Minutes of the North Area Council meeting held on 10 July 2023 (Nac.11.09.2023/2)


The Area Council received the minutes of the previous meeting held on 10 July 2023.


In relation to the Neighbourhood Warden and Community Safety Update that was provided to Members at the last meeting, Councillor A Cave commented that she was extremely concerned into the welfare of the dogs that accompanied the individuals that were begging at Asda, Old Mill Lane, Barnsley.  At the last meeting, Councillor Cave had requested that C Fairweather ascertained whether the wardens had contacted the RSPCA regarding the welfare of those dogs.


In response to a query raised by Councillor Tattersall regarding the new logos for the Ward Alliances, Councillor Newing commented that she had attended the consultation event held on 11 September 2023, where everyone’s opinions would be collated.  The Area Manager added that she had seen the proposals for the new logos, and she would provide Members with an update in due course.


RESOLVED that subject to the above addition, the minutes of the North Area Council meeting held on the 10 July 2023 be approved as a true and correct record.

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