Agenda item

Procurement and financial update (PAC.21.07.2016/8)


The Area Council Manager introduced the item making reference to the progress made in procuring a service for isolated and vulnerable older people.  It was noted that the tender advert was due to be placed within the next few weeks.


With regards to isolation, the subject of public transport in rural areas was discussed, noting the recent consultation on the subject.  Members were concerned that there may be reductions in service in some of the more rural parts of the area, which may further isolate residents.


It was suggested that contact be made with Sheffield Community Transport in order to discuss what interventions may be available, should services be withdrawn.


Members noted that four Working Together Fund applications had been approved to date, to a value of £41,967.  This left a remaining budget of £78,033 to allocate as part of the fund.


Attention was drawn to the finance remaining as part of the wider Area Council funds, an amount of £55,400 remained in the current financial year.  However, a number of areas had been suggested where the Area Council may wish to invest.


Members discussed the potential of providing additional enforcement in the area, noting that parking can be an issue in the Town Centre. It was suggested that strong enforcement could potential provide a negative effect, discouraging people from visiting.  It was agreed that further information, including costs, would be gathered by the Area Council Manager and presented at a future meeting.


The meeting noted that, as reported earlier, only £2,300.06 remained in the Ward Alliance Fund budget.  Members acknowledged that up to £20,000 per ward could be devolved from the Area Council budget to the Ward Alliance Fund in any financial year.  It was suggested that £10,000 per ward be devolved at the current time, with the potential to increase this if required later in the year.



(i)           That the report be noted;

(ii)          That an additional sum of £20,000 (£10,000 per ward) be devolved to the Ward Alliance Fund to be allocated as per existing fund finance.

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