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Ad Astra Presentation


Michelle Cooper from Ad Astra was welcome to the meeting and provided members with an update as to the work that they had carried out on the commissioned Listening Support Project within Penistone Grammar School.


Members were informed that the Listening Support was not counselling or therapy but that it was engaging with young people by active listening.  This involved a conscious effort to take in, digest and understand what the young people were communicating to enhance the ability to understand them better.


Members received a detailed account of the variety of issues supported in the Group work and One to One Sessions that had been carried out.  Members were provided with case studies and feedback of some of the young people that had accessed the service.


Members heard that a number of issues had resulted in lower numbers accessing the service in the past year as a result of school strikes, and some communication issues within the school that had led to a reduced number of referrals.


Concerns were raised around the lack of communications resulting in lowered numbers and Members agreed that it would be beneficial for an Area Council representative to meet with Penistone Grammar School to discuss potential longer term needs for this type of service in the future.


Members also felt it would be beneficial for Ad Astra to meet with the Governors of the school and provide them with the presentation showing the work undertaken since the service had been commissioned.  


RESOLVED that thanks be given for the presentation and the hard work undertaken by Ad Astra.

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