Agenda item

Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.20.07.2023/7)


The Area Council Manager spoke to the item providing members with a highlight of each commissioned contract.


The Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older Peoples Service had entered its second year of its 2 year grant funded service at a cost of £70,000.


The Penistone Area Council Working Together Fund had accepted applications from CAB and DIAL and approved a £40,000 ringfenced fund for Supporting Young People.  Leaving a total of £37,052 in the grant pot.  Members were informed that the Area Council were not actively promoting this find at the moment due to ongoing work around food options.  A consultation event inviting all people who have an interest or are involved in preparation or delivery of food would be taking place on 14 August 4pm to 6pm at Penistone St Johns around the potential food options for Penistone.  Members were provided with an update informing them that Penistone Town Council were actively moving forward with a Community Fridge.


Members were reminded that the Clean, Green and Tidy contract extension was due to come to an end in September 2023.  A workshop had been held to inform members of the outcomes of a consultation exercise involving local Parishes and environmental groups which had demonstrated a future need for the service.  Members were provided with three options as to how to progress the procurement exercise for a further service to start in April 2023. 


Following discussions members were minded to choose recommended option C.  This option would give devolved responsibility for the formal approval of the contracts to the Executive Director for Public Health and Communities.  This would enable a swifter process for procurement based on a direct purchasing of services in order to have the flexibility to progress services without the need to take back into a future area council.


A concern was raised as to whether this option would take away decision making responsibility from the Area Council by centralising it.  Members were assured that they would all be involved in the development of the service, but this option would enable the contracts to be signed off in a timelier manner.


Members were informed that £50,000 remained in 2023/24 budget for the Clean, Green and Tidy Contract and were asked to approve an additional £50,000 from the 2024/25 budget to support the procurement of a new service. 


Members were informed that area teams had been tasked with organising local events to showcase the Penistone Area Council, Ward Alliances and Community achievements, as part of the 10 year celebration of area working arrangements.  The event for Penistone is planned to take place in September and would need a Penistone Area Council contribution of £2,000 towards promotional activities.  The funding would be allocated from the £1,157 remaining in the promotional activity budget with an additional £843 from the current area council budget.  Members were happy to agree this contribution.


Members were provided with an overview of the 2023/24 budget.  It was noted, if the proposed budget allocations set out as above were approved, the remaining allocation in the current financial year would be £37,216.




(i)         that the update of the contracts funded by the new Supporting Isolated and Older People Grant Fund be noted;


(ii)        that the update and current financial position of the Penistone Working Together Fund be noted and received;


(iii)       that the update on the existing Supporting Young People ringfenced funds within the existing Working Together Grant Fund be received and the update on progress for the next round of funding be noted;


(iv)       that the updates on the current Clean, Green and Tidy contract started in April 2020 and now in its final extension period to the end of September 2023 be noted;


(v)        that Option C, set out at 3.11 in the report, to devolve responsibility for the formal approval of the contracts to the Executive Director for Public Health and Communities, enabling a swifter process for procurement based on a direct purchasing of services for the procurement of future services, in relation to meeting the Penistone Area Council environment priority be agreed and that £50,000 from the 2024/25 budget in support of this be approved;


(vi)       that the current financial position of the Penistone Ward Alliance be noted;


(vii)      that the recommendation to promote the work of the Penistone Area Council through a Penistone 10 year celebration event be agreed and the contribution of £2,000 from within the Penistone Area Council Budget to support this, be approved; and


(viii)     that the record of allocated and proposed spend and current budget position for 2023/24 be noted.


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