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Interim Performance Report (Pac.20.07.2023/5)


The Area Council Manager provided members with an overview of performance of all contracted services and made members aware they were between quarters and would receive the Quarter 1 performance report at the Area Council meeting to be held in September.


Members were provided with a highlight of all contracted services, with the mention that the Clean, Green and Tidy Contract would finish et the end of September.  A reminder was provided that the Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older People Service had moved into its second year.


Members were informed that the figures remained the same as reported in the previous Quarter 4 report.


Twiggs Grounds Maintenance, who provided the Clean Green and Tidy contract, had moved into a phase of 4 members of staff 2 days a week.  Issues had been raised that this was not flexible enough to meet some groups needs that required Twiggs assistance on days they were not available.  Conversations had been carried out with Groups in order to provide an understanding of the new schedule of working.


Twiggs had carried out a ariety of project work across the Penistone Area which included a wildlife bed in Hoylandswaine, bulb planting in Watermeadows Park and support at Royd Community Gardens in collaboration with GXO Logistics volunteers.


Age UK were into their second year of their grant, it had been indicated that they were picking up a number of more complex issues in older people.  Volunteer numbers remained positive at 31.  An intergenerational event had been planned which brought together young people from Greenwork Plus with service users from the Happy Vibes Group and Board Games Group.


Penistone Men in Sheds was making good progress in moving to their new premises.  A planned open day to invite potential new members had been cancelled due to some heath and safety concerns from Age UK.  Once addressed this event would be going ahead in the near future.


Group activities were working well with added value through BOPPA working on fall prevention.  There had been a reduction in numbers attending the Happy Vibes Café for older people with dementia and this was due to a number of people having to go into care.


The Citizens Advice Bureau Debt Advice Service were in conversation to return to face to face appointments from August in Penistone Library. 


Members commented that they would possibly see an increase in demand for this service for people with a significant personal debt and the rise in mortgage interest rates.  Members were interested to see what the uptake would be of face to face appointments alongside the online offer.


DIAL were offering face to face appointments in Penistone Town Hall on Tuesday mornings, this had generated a number of complex issues and resulted in a drop in numbers for people being seen due to the time taken with each client.


The Adult Singing Workshops being offered by Angel Voices had seen an initial mixed uptake but was now settling down with regular workshops held in Cawthorne.  A number of adults joining the groups had reported not just singing for pleasure but also health benefits following damage from long covid.


The Supporting Young People Grant Fund had supported 4 projects including Ad Astra, Penistone Grammar School, Girlguiding and Angel Voices.  Members were provided with a brief update of each project. 


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


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