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Board Review Update - Becca Gamble

Roles & Responsibilities


Documents relating to new applications were circulated with board paper.

John Healey is still a Board member for 2 more meetings but is unavailable for them. Stephanie Peacock has been invited and accepted at after the discussion to reach out to her at the last meeting. She is happy to join but has pre-existing commitments for July and August meetings. Futures dates shared and advised she is aiming to come to one a quarter.

Potential new members from the discussion last time have been contacted so that the required BMBC expertise can be added and for voting representatives they were asked to Express and Interest and fill out an application form for Board to review and choose whether to accept.

Community Reps – 3 vacancies – 2 organisations contacted. Dearne & District Football Team are interested.

Action – Becca to circulate application form once received.

Business Reps – 2 vacancies - It was agreed that it was too early to invite the proposed end user of the former school site to join the board. 4 businesses approached after the recommendations and discussion at last Board. Action Coach and Coda have applied for the positions and application forms have been shared.

Board asked for further information on the Coda application and how they were aware of the opportunity

Matthew Stephens confirmed that they are a Chamber member who has been recommended by Matthew.

Decision – Board accepted the applications from Action Coach and Coda and so they will be invited to join the Board.

Other relevant organisation reps – membership requested from a Police representative to add expertise and to work closely with the Police in the project planning. An application from a Police representative was shared with Board.

Decision – Board accepted the application from the Police Representative and so they will be invited to join the Board

Local Government Representation – Planning, Procurement and Sustainability Teams in BMBC approached to provide expertise in their respective areas to Board. Planning felt that due to the number of Planning applications involved it would be a conflict of interest for them, however we can contact directly for any specific updates or discussions. Procurement and Sustainability are happy to send representatives.

Action – Procurement and Sustainability Reps to be invited to join Board.

LEP representatives – SYMCA confirmed that the current representative is the correct contact and will attend or send a representative to future meetings, it was not possible in time for the July meeting.


Chair/Vice Chair

Action – BMBC to write out for nominations to agree these positions at August Board



Justin Homer joined the meeting


A discussion ensued regarding the potential new board members.

Question from Justin Homer – in terms of John Healey and Stephanie Peacock, wouldn’t these change at next general election?

Response from Becca – John Healey MP has written to confirm he cannot attend July or August meeting and the constituency change will have taken place by the October meeting.

Matthew Stephens – Is board still missing a high street presence?

Response from Rachael – May be easier to think about timings of face to face – after 5 o’clock on occasions to ensure representative from the high streets can attend.

Action - Project sponsorship – Becca to revisit at next board meeting


Becca advised that DLUHC recommend that ROI and Partnership Agreements are updated on a regular basis.  Partnership agreements and register of interests have been updated – any who have not already completed documents post-April will need to fill them in.

Therefore, documents will be reissued by James Eggington to members following the meeting, Documents to be completed and returned if the original forms were signed prior to April 2023.

Decision: The Board agreed the Roles & Responsibilities form and the redacted ROI list, once the new forms are received, could be added to the website.

Action - Board members to fill in updated paperwork asap once it is circulated