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Project Updates

Heart of Goldthorpe Deep Dive – Teresa Williams



Project L

Suzanne Brough shared a slide regarding outputs of site, original business case vs current estimated outputs.

Question from Matthew Stephens – job numbers/construction numbers seem very high, are they correct, do we need to double check?

Answer from SuzanneBrough– yes, it is correct, CBRE has confirmed using most effective formula available.

Answer from Rachael Allington – Job numbers are not relating strictly on site, but also external and auxiliary workers such as in factories elsewhere

Point from Rachael Allington – Would like to ask board to let this move forward through the Cabinet approval process

Decision:  Board agreed the continued development of the scheme for £7.5m to be utilised to help businesses through the Commercial Investment Fund.


Project D: Housing – awaiting match funding, property evaluations to enter shortly

Question from Matthew Stephens – what if these properties do not happen? What is your contingency to deal with this?

Answer from Rachael Allington – Applications have contingencies already, if planning appears to be an issue it will go back to board, applications currently are heading to right direction

Question from Matthew Stephens – Is there a delay from SYMCA regarding housing funding?

Answer from Alison Dalton – There has been a delay from SYMCA funding, expecting feedback from assurance panel for an update. Julie is chasing and will update once we have the outcome.

Project M: Housing retrofit – project manager appointed, will start on 31st July. Cabinet report approved at the end of June. Property valuation will begin shortly.


Project F: Phoenix Park – tenders returned and 3 were under budget, preferred contractor identified. Work is ongoing to find a business partner to manage the building and create a business plan with the help of an outside leisure consultant and BMBC contacts.


Project G: Cultural Hub – phase 1 roof completed; new PA system is implemented.

Phase 2 alongside welfare park – scope agreed waiting on costing.

Aims to be ready Spring/Summer next year to minimise impact on playhouse finances

Josh Jordan-Clough has been appointed as the Project Manager and will be managing this scheme from August 2023.


Project H: Update to be covered in the Deep Dive.


Project Presentations

Project H Deep Dive - Teresa Williams

A copy of the presentation was circulated with the Board papers.


Question from Matthew Stephens - The red brick wall at the back of the square – what is happening with this wall?

Answer from Teresa – Wall will still be there, conversations with area team are ongoing regarding what will happen with it.


Question from Matthew Stephens – will this project spread onto the high street?

Answer from Teresa –yes, the scope of the project will spread onto high street with potential improvements to paving and planters for public realm works


Question from Matthew Stephens – School site, what is happening with this as retailers wish to know

Answer from Rachael – developer has put in a planning application, we understand that discussions with the end user are still progressing, we can seek updates once has progressed further.




Question from Matthew Stephens: regarding the availability of business grants from Principal Towns

Answer from Teresa: business grant is part of principal towns budget, has been widelypromoted. It has been extended to include grants for new markets traders and holders. The original business grant scheme is still available to new businesses opening on the high street and will be issued to either businesses or market traders on a first come first serve basis. Conditions of grant are yet to firmed up, business grant has a maximum of £5,000 forinterior and exterior work to businesses and £2000 for market traders.


Matthew Stephens – are councillors aware of this, do they know of interest from potential high street storefronts?

Teresa- business grants are different to shopfront grants – latter are no longer available.

Action: Teresa to provide Matthew with updated information for circulation via the Chamber of Commerce.