Agenda item

Town Investment Plan Update - Rachael Allington

Highlight Report & Risks.



Key decisions / items for escalation to board


Overall Programme: Board Review:

To invite Stephanie Peacock MP to future meetings in preparation for boundary changes to constituencies which will coincide with the next general election.

To discuss with SYMCA the need for a representative to attend regularly.

To approach the new supermarket provider on the former Goldthorpe Primary School site once the building is in place.

To approach local solicitors regarding representation on the Board.

To approach members of the Chamber of Commerce as recommended by Matthew Stephens to approach SYPTE for potential membership.

Alison to discuss with Berneslai Homes regarding potential resident involvement.


Update – Board Review actions will be updated under the Board Review item.


Project D – Housing


Action: Alison to arrange a workshop session in the summer for board members to attend and provide comments (Design panel for Housing)

Update – a session was arranged for 03/07/2023 however we are having to rearrange to allow more time for preparation.

Action: Alison to investigate and provide updates to the next Board meeting re: planning application for allotment site

Update - work on this action is ongoing


Alison provided an update on the housing scheme on the former allotment site 

Action: Alison to investigate a temporary solution to double yellow lines issue whilst the works are ongoing

Update – Sarah Scholes advised that no council decision made yet, most comments made to council so far have regarding parking issues have not been about the post office.


Project G Cultural Hub:

Action: Rachael to discuss with trustees of Dearne playhouse regarding removed materials being made available for elsewhere.

Update – Rachael has discussed with the trustees of the Playhouse, and they are happy to do this and will liaise with Thurnscoe Little Theatre directly. Will include lighting and potentially a PA system.

Action: Rachael to put the Manager of Playhouse in touch with the Manager of the Little Theatre.


Project K:

Action: Suzanne and Mike to chase up sign for Roundabout which should have already been installed:

Update - Suzanne followed this up at the A635 project board meeting and has been advised the signs will be installed on Friday 07/07/2023. We can confirm that they were erected by 7th July 2023.


Action: Suzanne to investigate query as part of Traffic Assessments which will be carried out as part of the planning permission that will be prepared and submitted by the developer

Update - Amendment required to the Board Minutes - As part of the planning submission traffic assessments would be required to be undertaken.



Action: Becca Gamble and Mike Cotton to review the existing FAQs with Councillors.

‘Meet the Board’ – Becca to work with Mike to review this section on the website.

Update - The FAQs are being reviewed internally and once updated a link will be sent to Board to check if they have any further suggested updates. Communications plans for the next 12 months to be discussed at August Board.


Any Other Business


Action: Becca to feedback to Principal Towns on Business Engagement progress.

Update – to be covered under the Business engagement item.


Highlight Report and Risks – Rachael Allington

·       Escalations to board

No escalations to board this period.

·       Key decisions from board

-          Roles and responsibilities and Summary COI document must be published on the Goldthorpe Towns Fund website, Becca Gamble will provide a further update under item 6.

-          Project L: Commercial Investment Fund - recommends cabinet approval, subject to further due diligence for £7.5 million to support new and existing businesses.


Programme update

·       All 7 projects approved by DLUHC.

·       We are carrying out investigations into deliverability of the early estimated outputs, in particular on the much-delayed Housing projects and will be fed back to Board once these have been concluded.

·       All other projects are reporting as outputs achievable, some with a slight delay to when they were initially anticipated, and this will be in line with the more recent deep dive updates at Board meetings.