Agenda item

Cyber Security

To consider a report of the Executive Director Core Services on Cyber Security.


The following witnesses were welcomed to the meeting:

·       Dave Robinson – Service Director Customer, Information & Digital Services, Barnsley Council

·       Sara Hydon – Head of Service Design & Compliance Manager, Barnsley Council

·       Simon Marshall – Governance & Compliance Manager, Barnsley Council

·       Shaun Waddington – Security & Information Specialist, Barnsley Council

·       Rob Winter – Attending in his capacity as Data Protection Officer

·       Cllr Robin Franklin – Cabinet Spokesperson, Core Services

Members were invited to consider a cover report addressing cyber security risks and the resilience required to prevent a cyber-attack.


S Marshall & S Hydon provided Members with an update on the work done with regards to Cyber Security.  Following the introduction from witnesses, a full and frank discussion took place to understand the policies and processes for cyber security, including those relating to a cyber-attack; training and development for employees and elected members; the management of risks and assets, including finances; and the results of recent reviews and audits, including how Barnsley compares to other local authorities.



(i)                  Witnesses be thanked for their attendance and that the report be noted

(ii)                Officers provide additional development sessions as discussed in the session

(iii)              Officers ensure that processes for removing obsolete information is robust and adhered to