Agenda item

Monitoring and Evaluation return update and Town Investment Plan - Rachael Allington and Rebecca Gamble


A document relating to the Monitoring & Evaluation Return was circulated with the Board papers.

Copies of Plan on a page and the Forward Plan were circulated for information.


Monitoring & Evaluation Report

Does not currently include information on the housing retrofit project as no monies have been paid in relation to this to date.

Board Decision required – Can the Board agree for the temporary Chair to sign the M&E report prior to the document being returned to DHLUC?

Decision:  The Board agreed with this proposal.

Question from Andy Lock – What is DLUHCs threshold for the release of monies?

Response from Justin Homer – The monies are provided as Capital spend to the Council and can’t be clawed back.  However, underspend could potentially affect the monies provided the following financial year.  All monies to be spent by March 2025.

Question from Matthew Stephens - Has the full £23m been paid to BMBC?

Response from Rachael Allington – Monies are released to Local Authorities in tranches.

Any suggestions from Board regarding the presentation of future M&E summaries to be provided to Becca. 

Question from Cllr Coates – What information can Councillors provide to the public in response to queries receive?

Action:  Becca Gamble and Mike Cotton to review the existing FAQs with Councillors.

Six Month Spotlight Report


Rachael presented the six month spotlight report which was circulated with the Board papers.

We have now had all 7 projects approved by DLUHC. The final approval for Housing Retrofit has only recently been received therefore the programme status remains as Amber status whilst we review the impact that the long wait time for all approvals has had across delivery. Project Leads are reviewing spend and outputs, and phasing their works to mitigate the issue of Rising Costs.


A Board Review is being carried out as part of the move into delivery for all projects. This now includes some recommendations and discussion points with regards to reviewing and widening membership. We hope to invite all new agreed members to the July Board where we can agree a Temporary Chair and a Vice Chair. We recommend that each project should have at least 2 Project Sponsors from Board to ensure projects can develop between Board meetings, with key representation from Board. We will provide an update on the current status of sponsors at the May Board and would like to ensure all gaps are filled at the July Board when we have our new membership agreed.


The Monitoring & Evaluation Return is due for submission to DLUHC on 9th June 2023. We have therefore produced this Spotlight Report which focusses on the 6 month reporting period (October 22 to March 23) to summarise some of the key information within and context to that Report. The draft copy will be circulated which is subject to due diligence checks, if any amends we will share an updated copy with Board.

Project Updates

Project D Goldthorpe Housing

Update provided in Item 4.

Project F Phoenix Park

The Land Trust are working with Enterprising Barnsley to find a partner to run the café.


Project G Cultural Hub

Dearne Playhouse to reopen next week.  Phase two works to be carried out next year.

Question from Councillor Coates – Can any materials being removed from the building be made available for other local theatres?

Action: Rachael to discuss with the trustees of Dearne Playhouse.


Project H Heart of Goldthorpe

Works due to begin on site this summer.


Project K New access roundabout

Update provided in Item 4.


Project L Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund

Update provided in Item 4.


Project M Housing Retrofit

Update provided in Item 4.