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Health Inequalities Update - Cheryl Devine (HWBB.01.06.2023/7)


The Board received a presentation from Joe Minton, Associate Director, South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, and from Cheryl Devine, Public Health Senior Practitioner, Barnsley MBC, to provide an update on tackling health inequalities in Barnsley. 


The Board noted that the Place Partnership Purple Plan document set out the approaches to tackling health inequalities. 


Joe Minton provided the Board with an overview of the current landscape for tackling health inequalities in Barnsley covering both Place and South Yorkshire. 


The Board heard that a very successful South Yorkshire Health Inequalities event had been held on 3 February 2023 following a call to action from the South Yorkshire Mayor.  The event had provided the opportunity for South Yorkshire health leaders to share best practice. 


The Board also heard that Barnsley’s Place Based Partnership had aligned its approach to improving public health and reducing health inequalities under a three-tier framework as follows: Tier 1 - Increase, Tier 2 - Improve and Tier 3 - Influence.  A summary of the work delivered against the three-tier framework was presented to the Board. 


Looking forward to 2023/24, the five goals of the Barnsley Place Based Partnership were presented and noted as follows:


1.  Best start in life for children and young people

2.  A joined-up approach to preventing ill health

3.  Better and equitable access

4.  Coordinated care in the community

5.  Improve impact on environment and employment


The underlying principles and values for achieving these goals was presented and noted by the Board. 


The Board was also provided with an outline of where the Barnsley Place Based Partnership would be focusing its attention during 2023/24, at an organisational level, at a partnership level and via the Core20PLUS5 network.


At an organisational level there was now a commitment to doing more across the three-tier framework to reduce inequalities, improving data capture, sharing Core20PLUS characteristics, establishing accountability, commitment and delivery mechanisms to reduce gaps identified and to share learning. 


At a partnership level there would be focus on creating a tobacco free Barnsley.  Active conversations would commence with the Core20PLUS population and a network of health and care organisations and wider partners would be established. 


Via the Core20PLUS5 network, there would be focus on providing all pre-school children and their families in Core20PLUS access to support in the community.  Delivering health and care to everyone in the Core20PLUS working through community organisations and places of work.  Identification of frailty in older people in Core20PLUS and provide care in home and the community. 


Cheryl Devine provided the Board with an overview of Barnsley MBC’s Health Inequalities operational Plan, which was currently in development.  It was noted that the Plan was centred around four key strategic drivers:


1.  Residents - considering the needs of residents and targeted more support to those in most need.  

2.  Service Users – recognising that service users have different layers of complexity and need.  

3.  Partners – using influence and guidance to ensure partners have inequalities at the heart of everything they do.

4.  Workforce – making inequalities everyone’s business and make all employees aware of the plan their contribution.  


There was now an opportunity for health inequalities work to influence the Public Health Outcomes Framework and Levelling Up.  It was noted that there was a governance and partnerships approach taking place around health inequalities work. 


The Board was invited to provide its comments on the Plan and a proposed phrase which would be used by the Team when talking to residents. 


The Board welcomed and thanked Joe and Cheryl for the work undertaken to date.  It was suggested that the proposed phrase should be reworded to ‘Barnsley is an excellent place to live’ where everyone is as healthy as they can be.


A discussion took place around a partnership initiative which had been undertaken to invite people living with a severe mental illness or a learning disability to attend an annual health check.


The Board was informed that the Barnsley Health and Wellbeing Strategy would be refreshed later this year.  It was agreed that the current work taking place to reduce health inequalities in Barnsley be included in the refreshed Strategy. 


On behalf of Amanda Gerrard, and to feed into the effects of health inequalities, Ben Brannan informed the Board that a hardship fund was available for Berneslai Homes tenants who may be struggling to pay for essential expenses including rent or utilities.  In addition, Berneslai Homes would welcome any opportunities to work with the Board.


The Chair thanked Joe and Cheryl for the presentation.


RESOLVED that the presentation be noted.

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