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Licensing and Enforcement Update


Members were provided with an overview of the enforcement work that had recently been undertaken by the Licensing Officers.


Members were advised that on 24 February 2023, Licensing Enforcement Officers alongside Officers from South Yorkshire Police had taken part in a night time operation which was focused on Barnsley town centre and the drivers and vehicles that work in the night time economy.  Councillor Green, Chair of the General Licensing Regulatory Board, was also in attendance.  In total, 21 licensed vehicles and drivers had been inspected on the night, which had included 5 vehicles that were licensed by other local authorities.


The result of the vehicles inspected as part of the operation were as follows:-


·                16 vehicles were found to be fully compliant.

·                2 vehicles were found to have defective lights, being two number plate lights which were inoperative.  Both of which were rectified on the night and their licenses had been reinstated.

·                1 vehicle was suspended for failing to display the required door signage.

·                1 vehicle was suspended for having no front nearside door handle and incorrect door signage.

·                1 vehicle was suspended for having no rear brake lights.  The vehicle was repaired and had its licence reinstated on the night.

·                5 drivers were issued with written warnings for failing to complete their daily vehicle checks.

·                2 drivers were also spoken to about the signage on the vehicles and reminded of the required standard.


Members noted that today would mark the final Board meeting attended by Councillor Danforth, who would shortly be stepping down as a Councillor.  On behalf of the Board, Councillor Green expressed his thanks to Councillor Danforth for all the work he had provided to Board.


RESOLVED that Members supported Officers and encouraged private hire and Hackney Carriage drivers and operators to comply with the conditions of their licence and continue to keep their vehicles as safe as possible for both drivers and customers at all times.

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