Agenda item

Verbal Update on the Future Penistone Food Options


The Area Council Manager provided members with an update as to what food option offers are around with a view to the Area Council potentially supporting the setting up of a future model through grant funding.


Members acknowledged that Food Buddies was already up and running and only provided food to those living in the Penistone Area.  Good Food Barnsley had indicated that their offer would be as an umbrella organisation and would provide the support for existing projects and help to develop new ones such as Storehouse and Field which is an initiative of Good Food Barnsley.


A Community Shop pilot had been discussed which it is anticipated would operate from a mobile van and Penistone Town Council have agreed it could be placed on their car park at St Johns community centre during the pilot period. Members were informed that the Healthier Communities Service had commissioned the pilot to trial it out and that the food supplied would be from Ocado.  There is potential for this to develop into a mobile unit which could potentially travel to villages in the Penistone area in the future.


Another option put forward was that of a community fridge for people to give and take away from based on trust.  Members heard that there were already two up and running the Borough in Mapplewell and Worsbrough that were working well.


Concerns were raised around where the liability would lay with respect to food safety especially for a community fridge, members were informed that Regulatory Services could provide advice on all aspects of distribution and different models of food banks. 


Members were informed that the Storehouse and Field model as a food hub was one of the most preferable options to meet the needs of the area but would require an existing community asset for delivery, examples to consider might be the Penistone Leisure Centre or Library.  Good Food Barnsley had made visits to various places and would feedback their findings.  Any funding provided from the Area Council would be for start up costs only and not running costs.


It was suggested that a Steering Group would be required to run it, formed from organisations and community groups, who would act as an accountable body.  It was acknowledged that this was still in development and further updates would be provided to members at future meetings.


RESOLVED that members note the update.