Agenda item

Procurement and Financial Update (Pac.06.04.2023/6)


The item was introduced by the Area Council Manager who drew members attention to the Supporting Vulnerable and Isolated Older Peoples Service and the Age UK contract.  It was noted that they would be invited to attend the Area Council Meeting to be held on 8 June 2023 to provide members with a 12 month review of their service with a view to members then making a decision to progress into the second year of their contract.


At the previous Area Council meeting, members had agreed to allocate an additional £80,000 into the Working Together Fund.  Following this meeting, the Grants Funding Panel had approved an application from the Citizens Advice Bureau for £21,179 to fund a 2 year service.  A total of £13,394 would be used from the grant fund pot as a contribution of £7,245 had been used from the remaining Practical Support Grant.  A total of £77,052 remained in the Working Together Grant Fund pot, enabling the Penistone Area Council to look into supporting the potential for support with food offers and other initiatives addressing local need emerging from the cost of living crisis.


The Working Together Grant Fund - Support for Young People had funded 4 projects and members were made aware that there was 1 year of funding left and that it would need reviewing as to whether there was a need in the area to continue funding in the future.


The Clean, Green and Tidy Contract waiver was going through its final procurement process and the contract would continue until the end of September 2023.  A meeting had taken place with members and Twiggs Grounds Maintenance to look at the outcomes required for the remaining 6 month period and all targets and outcomes proposed had been agreed.  A member workshop was proposed within 3 months to look at what service was required going forward.  Consultations with the local Parish Councils and environmental groups would be held in order to gain a general insight into the requirements that people would want from a future service. 


Member were informed that the Penistone Ward Alliance had a starting budget of £25,529 for the 2023/24 financial year and the option to allocate additional funds from the main Area Council budget, if the need arises.


Members were provided with a brief breakdown of the 2022/23 financial year budget with all allocated spend for the year.  The 2023/24 financial year would commence with a budget of £208,059 which was an accumulation of the budget allocation of £200,000 and an underspend of £8,059 from the previous financial year.  Allocations for the current financial year so far had accumulated to £100,000 leaving a total of £108,059 remaining for allocation.


Members queried whether there would be scope for new initiatives with schools and younger people.  They were informed that it may be useful to have some input from the 0-19 Team Manager as to any issues or changes emerging with regards to the children’s offer.  It was recognised that the Penistone Area did not have the same centres or communal spaces as other areas in the Borough had to offer, to be used to hold new groups or events. 




(i)         that the update of the contract funded by the new Supporting Isolated and Older People Grant fund be noted and that an end of year review at the Penistone Area Council to be held 8 June 2023 be agreed;


(ii)        that the update and current financial position of the Penistone Working Together Fund be received;


(iii)       that the update on the Supporting Young People ringfenced funds within the existing Working Together Grant Fund be received;


(iv)       that the update on the current Clean, Green and Tidy contract started in April 2020 be noted and that further discussions regarding the future procurement process be agreed;


(v)        that the update and year end financial position of the Ward Alliance budget be noted; and


(vi)       that the record of allocated spend and end of year financial statement from the Penistone Area Council financial budget for 2022/23 and current budget position for the 2023/24 be noted.

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