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Notes from the Ward Alliances (Nac. 13.03.2023/10)

Darton East – held on 13 December 2022 and 10 January 2023

Darton West – held on 9 January 2023

Old Town – The Old Town Ward Alliance has not met during 2023 due to extenuating circumstances

St Helen's – held on 26 January 2023


The meeting received the notes from the Darton East Ward Alliance held on 13 December 2022 and 10 January 2023; Darton West Ward Alliance held on 9 January 2023; and St Helen's Ward Alliance held on 26 January 2023.  The Old Town Ward Alliance had not met during 2023 due to extenuating circumstances.


Councillor Hunt referred to the work undertaken by the Darton East Ward Alliance together with the support provided to a number of projects which included the activities at the pop in club, the awards night, cost of living events, North Gawber grass roots football, spring bulb planting, together with 48 hanging baskets (43 of which had been sponsored) and a swing set which had been installed at Bluebell Park, Woolley Colliery.


Councillor Howard referred to the work undertaken by Darton West Ward Alliance which included refurbishment of the notice boards.  A fourth History Board had been implemented at Gawber Community Centre, and a fifth History Board was being developed by Gawber Primary School.  Liaison had been made with the Safer Neighbourhood Team to resolve the issue of dog fouling opposite Vets4Pets.  The Stars Awards event had been rescheduled to 17 March 2023 due to the inclement weather.


Councillor Tattersall referred to the work undertaken by St Helen’s Ward Alliance during the past year which included the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II, installing approximately 40 hanging baskets around the area, the summer gala, repainting of the youth shelter, the cost of living event and Stars Awards event, installation of Christmas trees, and the training provided to the community volunteers.  The women’s support group and the Jolly Boys Club continued to go from strength to strength.  Councillor Tattersall expressed her thanks to the volunteers and community groups for the work undertaken.


Councillor Leech referred to the memorial bench event.  The Yorkshire Regiment had requested interested parties to contact them, with a view to memorial benches being situated in each village across Barnsley.


Grading work was currently underway to ascertain which lamp posts could be utilised for the installation of hanging baskets.  The topic of Councillors sponsoring hanging baskets was raised.  Councillor Howard advised that she intended to seek clarity on the subject and would update Members subsequently.


Members noted that this would be the last meeting prior to the election period.  Councillor Leech wished everyone well during the election period.  On behalf of the Council, Councillor Leech expressed his thanks to Councillor Platts for all of her work provided to the St Helen’s Ward Alliance and he wished her well during her retirement.


Councillor Tattersall expressed her thanks to the Area Team for all of the work undertaken and the support provided to Members.


RESOLVED that the notes and feedback from the respective Ward Alliances be received.

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