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Better Care Fund Report (HWBB.02.02.2023/7)


A report was received to confirm that the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (Barnsley Place) and Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council (BMBC) had jointly agreed to spending plans on the funding allocation from the Adult Social Care Discharge Fund 2022/23, which reflects local need and priorities. 


The report highlighted that, in September 2022, the Government had announced a commitment of £500 million to support timely and safe discharge from hospital into the community by reducing the number of people delayed in hospital awaiting social care over the winter period. 


On 18th November 2022, the Government had confirmed that a total allocation of £8.346 million had been provided to NHS South Yorkshire ICB and Barnsley Place would receive £1.520 million. 


Barnsley Council had also been allocated £1.032 million of the fund.  The total amount of funding for Barnsley Place partners amounted to £2.552 million for the remainder of 2022/23.  It was noted that the fund would be pooled into local Better Care Fund (BCF) plans and Section 75 agreements for 2022/23. 


Paragraph 5 of the report summarised the main areas of focus where the funding would be prioritised through interventions that best engage the discharge of patients from hospital to the most appropriate location for their ongoing care. 


Detailed proposals were set out in paragraph 6 of the report where grant expenditure would be deployed, in compliance with the Government’s conditions on the use of the funding. 


RESOLVED that the Health and Wellbeing Board noted the requirement for the Section 75 agreements to include the ASC discharge funding in addition to schemes already agreed by the Board as part of the 2022/23 Better Care Fund Plan.  This had been drafted to include all the schemes included in this paper and would be signed off through the usual ICB and BMBC governance processes.

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