Agenda item

Creativity and Wellbeing Update & planning for Creativity and Wellbeing week 2023 (HWBB.02.02.2023/6)


Julie Tolhurst, Public Health Principal, delivered a report and accompanying presentation to provide the Board with a progress update in relation to the key actions from the 2022 Creativity and Wellbeing week and next steps in developing a Creativity and Wellbeing programme for Barnsley and to seek the Board’s endorsement for the next phase of delivery. 


The Board noted that the Creativity and Wellbeing week for 2023 would be held from 15-21 May with a series of workshops taking place to demonstrate creativity and wellbeing by sharing people’s lived experiences.  A Cultural Strategy would be developed, and approvals gained for a citizen led approach. 


It was noted that the target audiences for the workshops included decision makers, commissioners and practitioners.  Work was currently taking place to develop a coherent programme. 


The Board suggested that the workshops could focus on people’s lived experience with regards to mental health, learning disability and autism. 


The Board welcomed the development of a citizen led Cultural Strategy.  It was suggested that engagement takes place with the Ward Alliances, Areas Councils, Youth Council, Care Council and Youth Engagement Teams. 


RESOLVED that Health and Wellbeing Board Members:


i)           Noted the contents of the presentation.


ii)          Agreed to promote key messages via existing channels.


iii)         Endorsed the next phase of delivery for Barnsley’s Creativity and Wellbeing programme. 

Supporting documents: