Agenda item

South Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy (HWBB.02.02.2023/4)


Wendy Lowder, Executive Director Place Health and Adult Social Care introduced a report setting out the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy, a copy of the Executive Summary was included within Appendix 1, which had been produced by the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Partnership. 


The report provided the Board with an update on the development of the initial Integrated Care Strategy for South Yorkshire and summarised the next steps in relation to the Strategy’s approval. 


The Board noted that, in developing the Integrated Care Strategy for South Yorkshire, the Integrated Care Partnership had been mindful of each of the four Health and Wellbeing Strategies across South Yorkshire, to ensure alignment between them. 


The initial Integrated Care Strategy for South Yorkshire had been developed at pace between September and December 2022 and had been informed by a refresh of the South Yorkshire Health Needs Assessment, gathering insights from existing engagement and involvement work by ICP partners, together with a campaign survey aimed at seeking views from the population of South Yorkshire by asking ‘What matters to you about your health and wellbeing’.  Work had also taken place on building on all of the existing strategies and plans. 


The Board noted that the Strategy covered the years up to 2030 and set out a commitment to work together, taking actions to address health inequalities and improve healthy life expectancy in South Yorkshire.  The working vision was for ‘everyone in our diverse communities lives a happy, healthier life for longer’. 


The Board noted that work would take place during February to finalise the initial Strategy.  It was expected that the final Strategy would be considered at Barnsley’s Cabinet meeting on 8 March 2023. 


The Board noted that conversations were currently taking place with partners and the South Yorkshire Mayor around a centralised launch of the Strategy from 20-24 March 2023.  It was noted that the South Yorkshire Mayor would be undertaking specific engagement around a ‘Happier, Healthy Yorkshire’.  It had also been suggested that the Mayor writes to all voluntary and community partners to ask them to mark the launch of the Strategy. 


The Board expressed its support for the Strategy and were pleased to note that the Strategy contained a number of shared outcomes, bold ambitions and joint commitments.  It was questioned if detailed actions plans would be developed setting out how these would be achieved and if it would be appropriate for the Board to measure their impact. 


In response, it was confirmed that conversations were currently taking place and early work had been undertaken to develop a performance framework to measure success. 


The Board asked if a further update report could be provided at the next meeting. 


On a separate matter, the Board highlighted that work needed to take place around publicising and celebrating health and care success stories.  In response, it was noted that work was currently taking place to explore how publicity could be more effective. 


RESOLVED that Health and Wellbeing Board Members:


i)           Considered and approved the contents of the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy.


ii)          Noted the next steps in terms of the development of the South Yorkshire Integrated Care Strategy.

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