Agenda item

Project Updates

a)       Project H Heart of Goldthorpe Deep Dive  - Teresa Williams

b)      Project L Commercial Investment Fund – Suzanne Brough


Project H Heart of Goldthorpe – Presented by Teresa Williams

A copy of a presentation was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


Designated area for market stalls up to a maximum of 20.

Soft and hard landscaping to encourage natural play but without any traditional play equipment due to the proximity to the main road.

No permanent Christmas tree or fountain to be erected on site due to maintenance costs.

The Horse & Groom sign will be restored and reused on the site.  Restoration progress to be shared once available.

Wayfinding Trail and Selfie Trail to be combined, storytelling map to be included within this.  Consultations to be held at a later date.

Eleven expressions of interest have been received for the construction tender, the closing date for applications is in February.

Works scheduled to begin in March dependent upon contractor and supply chain availability.

Question from Councillor Bellamy – Could a commemorative tree for Councillor Gardiner be included in the square?

Response from Teresa Williams – agreed to discuss taking this forward with Councillor Bellamy once she has had a further conversation with Councillor Gardiner’s widow.

Question from Councillor Danforth – Where will the former pub sign be sited?


Response from Teresa Williams – A decision on the location has yet to be made as design discussions are currently ongoing.


Project L Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund – Presented by Suzanne Brough A copy of a presentation was circulated to the Board prior to the meeting.


The consultants CBRE have been appointed to oversee the project.


Towns Fund Deal Webpage will contain a link to the YorTender process for applications.  It will also be available on the Enterprising Barnsley & Chamber of Commerce websites.  The application form also contains guidelines and a template for completion as well as an explanation of the additional social value requirements that will need to be met as part of the application process.


Subject to agreement by the Board, the Fund will be launched on the 9th February at Goldthorpe Parish Hall and the application process will close on the 31st March. 


Questions from Andy Lock – Will the Social Value element have equal waiting in the decision making process?  When will the Social Value need to be achieved?

What is Plan B if there aren’t any acceptable projects that could be approved?


Response from Suzanne Brough:  December 2025 – 2029 is the time period within which additional social value outputs are to be achieved and the wording can be strengthened to clarify this.

Plan B:  Working hard to publicise the Fund with Enterprising Barnsley – Paul Johnson working with some local businesses behind the scenes who have shown an interest in applying.  Chamber of Commerce also in discussions with local businesses to promote the Fund.  Communications plans are in place to publicise the Fund.

Separate session to be held with businesses following the launch to clarify requirements to meet the Social Value requirements.

CBRE to carry out due diligence on all applications including the Social Value aspects.


Questions from Matthew Stephens:  Procurement assistance will be required by businesses for the Yortender process, will this be available?

Could the launch be held at a venue outside of Goldthorpe?

Response from Paul Johnson:  enterprising Barnsley will be working with companies to assist in this process.

Response from Suzanne:  Social Value session to be held outside of Goldthorpe.  Derek suggested Houghton Road Community Centre, Thurnscoe. 

Decision: It was agreed that Suzanne will look to book Houghton Road Community Centre for the Social Value meeting.


Comment from Alison Dalton – A query was raised by an attendee at the Business Engagement event regarding the possibility of live streaming of an event on social media for those who are unable to attend in person?

Response from Rachael Allington – This option will be considered for future events.


Key Decision:  The Board agreed“to approve the format and content of the project application form, to enable the delivery stage of the Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment fund project to commence” 


There was a change in agenda items at this point, item 7 was introduced prior to item 6 due to time and attendance constraints.