Agenda item

Town Investment Plan Update - Rachael Allington


Rachael presented the highlight report that was circulated with the Board papers.

Copies of Plan on a page and the Forward Plan were circulated for information.

Highlight Report

We now have 6 out of 7 projects approved by DLUHC. Project D - Goldthorpe Housing Project was approved in December 2022.

The Business Case for Project M - Housing Retrofit which is directly linked to this project has been slightly updated to include any information from that VFM process undertaken for the Housing project. There are no material differences to the project that was presented to board on 31st May 2022.

Projects are moving into delivery and alongside their planning, assurance and monitoring is being developed. Summary information provided by Project Leads has been used to feed directly into the M&E that was returned to DLUHC by their deadline of 16th December 22.

DLUHC have shared some guidance for Boards moving into delivery which we will be reviewing and share any action required with Board at a future meeting. An initial discussion is on the agenda for the 12th January Board.


Key decisions / items for escalation to board

·         Overall Programme: Updated guidance regarding Town Boards received from DLUHC – to be reviewed and actions shared.

·         Project D Housing: For information DLUHC have approved the Full Business Case, and SYMCA have approved the Strategic Business Case and to progress to Full Business Case stage for the unsecured funding gap.

·         Projects K & L:- For information, as minuted at a previous board meeting (25/08/2022 min no 325), project finances are being managed at a programme level to address and project cost variances. Therefore, authority from Capital Oversight Board has been received to vire necessary resources from Project L to reflect and support the revised costings for Project K. This will be reported through to BMBC Cabinet in due course, as it is anticipated that there will be opportunities for cost savings as costs have been based on a worst case scenario construction costs and actual costs for drilling and grouting works.  The overall combined budget for Project K and Project L is still £11,713,777.

·         Project M Housing Retrofit: For information: Approval granted by Capital Oversight Board to submit FBC to DLUHC.

·         Project L: “to approve the format and content of the project application form, to enable the delivery stage of the Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment fund project to commence”

Project Updates

Project D Goldthorpe Housing

Approved by DLUHC.  SYMCA funding gap approval process ongoing.


Project F Phoenix Park

The Land Trust have appointed their project team and are actively looking to recruit a partner for the café.

Project G Cultural Hub

Renovation works to the roof of the Dearne Playhouse have begun.

Project H Heart of Goldthorpe

Update provided in Item 5.

Project K New access roundabout

Works to begin onsite at the end of January, programme to be shared with Board once available.

Project L Goldthorpe Towns Commercial Investment Fund

Update provided in Item 5.

Project M Housing Retrofit

Awaiting approval by DLUHC.  Alison Dalton currently taking the scheme forward until a replacement Project Manager can be appointed following the passing of Melanie Asquith – Fowler.